All images are printed on a Canon iPF 6100 printer with Lucia inks on a verity of paper.  Panoramic images presented consist of two or more images merged together; this process produces both panel as well as square formatted prints. An un-mounted print is centered on the paper with a border and signed on the border.   A matted print is mounted on and over matted with archival white matte board and signed on the mat.  The print is shipped within two to three weeks (depending on size) via UPS insured ground ($12.00 estimated shipping cost within USA for prints up to 16 by 20”).


In a lot of cases a standard print size will not work for you.  We will work with you to customize the size and format to fit your needs.


The following chart lists some of the available print sizes and formats.


Image Format        Image Size                 Paper Size    Matte Size

Print Only                11 by 14”                13 by 19”      N/A              

Matted                    10.8 by 14” (H)         N/A             16 by 20”     


Print Only                11.8 by 17.8”           13 by 19”      N/A              

Matted                    11.8 by 17.8” (H)      N/A              18 by 24”     


Print Only                16 by 20”                17 by 22”      N/A              

Matted                    15.8 by 20 (H)          N/A              22 by 28      


Print Only                12 by 23.5”             15 by 24”      N/A              

Matted                    11.8 by 23.5 (H)       N/A              20 by 32”     


Print Only                22 by 22”                24 by 24”      N/A              

Matted                    21.8 by 22               N/A              32 by 32”     


Print Only                20 by 40”                24 by 48”      N/A              

Matted                    19.75 by 40” (H)       N/A              28 by 48”     



Please e-mail for print size availabilities, cost information, and matting options.